World of Tanks X-ONE 2.0   Gamer Chair [Forest Green]
World of Tanks X-ONE 2.0   Gamer Chair [Forest Green]
World of Tanks X-ONE 2.0   Gamer Chair [Forest Green]
World of Tanks X-ONE 2.0   Gamer Chair [Forest Green]
World of Tanks X-ONE 2.0   Gamer Chair [Forest Green]
World of Tanks X-ONE 2.0   Gamer Chair [Forest Green]
World of Tanks X-ONE 2.0   Gamer Chair [Forest Green]
World of Tanks X-ONE 2.0   Gamer Chair [Forest Green]
World of Tanks X-ONE 2.0   Gamer Chair [Forest Green]

World of Tanks X-ONE 2.0 Gamer Chair [Forest Green]

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Revolutionize your gaming station and make all games, remote work and e-learning safe and comfortable. If you spend long hours in front of a computer screen every day, it is necessary to properly protect your figure. The Diablo X-One gaming chair will provide you with a package of ergonomic innovations that will ensure comfort and safety. Get to know them all and see that the best is yet to come.


The contoured headrest will provide you with a comfortable, natural sitting position that will actively protect your cervical spine against posture defects. You will avoid harmful neck protrusion, which will allow you to maintain a natural, ergonomic position. The soft foam filling makes the ergonomic position exceptionally comfortable.


Active support of the lower back is excellent protection against the development or worsening of postural defects caused by prolonged sitting. Thanks to the innovative lumbar pillow, your figure will gain the necessary protection, and the clever height adjustment will allow you to easily adjust the position of the pillow to your figure and gain additional comfort.


Thanks to the maximum amount of soft HR foam that fills the Diablo X-One model, the sitting position will become more comfortable than ever before. Your new gaming chair will provide you with a soft, comfortable position every day and will not deform even after regular use!


Stable support for the forearms guarantees an ergonomic position. Solid Armtech™ Vertical SoftTouch armrests with up-down adjustment will precisely stabilize your posture and relieve the burden on your shoulders, forearms and wrists. We filled the top of the armrests with soft foam, providing comfortable support for the forearms.


The reliable Tilttech™ Butterfly system is perfect for precisely adjusting the seat height. Appropriate adjustment of the chair to the desk level and your height allows you to adopt a safe position determined by the lumbar cushion and headrest. You can recline the backrest up to 140° and lock it at any point thanks to the Tilttech ™ Gear mechanism , and the Tilttech ™ Swing system allows for relaxing, safe swinging! Gain comfort and safety for everyday work, study or entertainment.


The reinforced structure and durable five-star base make you feel confident even when swinging or performing intense movements. PFC™360 wheels with a diameter of 75 mm are equipped with rims, and their rubber coating will effectively protect your floor surface against scratches. The reliable class 4 lift provides excellent shock absorption thanks to the built-in Air Damper™ System. We made sure that our gaming chair provides a safe, stable position.

The durability and reliable quality of the materials used and workmanship are confirmed by the BIFMA durability certificate. Diablo X-One meets the highest standards of workmanship and ensures many years of safety and comfort.

Our gaming chair also has a unique design that will provide you with new gaming experiences every day. Look at it carefully...


Fourth generation HDS™ eco-leather will provide you with many years of everyday use without damage and abrasions. We carefully sewed the durable upholstery with strong threads, thanks to which the material is properly tensioned. Diablo X-One will stay with you for many years and will delight you every day with its perfect, impressive appearance.


The black of smooth eco-leather makes X-One break all patterns and perfectly complement any interior. The massive, bucket-shaped silhouette and characteristic Diablo emblems give the upholstery and grille a distinctive design. The power of One Vision™ will delight you at first glance and make your gaming station unique - just like you!Trust the power of ergonomic innovations and ensure everyday comfort, safety and a wealth of gaming experiences. A real revolution awaits you!

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