World of Tanks PC Combat Edition Starter Pack

World of Tanks PC Combat Edition Starter Pack

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Take control of history?s most powerful machines and put your commanding skills to the test in epic online battles against players from around the world!

Mini Official Starter Guide, English ? 48 pages

SteelBook? case, DVD size

3D Metal Puzzle Tank

  • Tiger I (f)
  • in-game replica
  • ~18 cm


  • Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)
    100% crew
  • Churchill III
    100% crew
  • 5 garage slots
  • Premium time: 30 days
  • Credits: 500.000
  • Personal reserves: 10x +100% Experience for 1 hour
  • Personal reserves: 10x +300 Crew experience for 1 hour
  • Rental: Tiger 131 for 10 battles (no BiA crew)

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